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Any chance they're going to make their website "people who don't have kids friendly" and stop blending kids movie recommendations with everything else?
It's revisionist history to say that DVDs were a $2 add-on to streaming. For most of their members it was streaming that was a free add-on and then a $2 add-on to their existing DVD plan. Now it's going to be an $8 add-on, but you can opt-out of it, so I and probably a lot of other people are going to do that. I just don't get enough out of their streaming product to justify an $8 price point.
I think what people are annoyed by is that they can't do a transaction with HBO directly without going through their cable operator. HBO wants to drive $15/month subscriptions with these shows? Fine. HBO wants to drive $100/month subscriptions to a separate cable company with these shows? Why? Why can't they just let people sign up for $15/month to view HBO content over the web rather than paying more for other stuff that they've obviously decided wasn't worth it? I imagine that if you dug through the cable/HBO contracts you'd find that this is a lot like the NFL Package being exclusive to DirectTV...somehow HBO is ultimately getting more than $15/month per subscriber from the cable company in return for not selling subscriptions online. That kind of lock-in seems very anti-consumer and not every anti-consumer complaint is just an overblown sense of entitlement. I wish that the FCC would look into these cases of channel-tying and the unified front that the content owners have against a la carte cable channel sales. It's clearly a case of collusion among a small group of content owners, since a true market would have produced at least experimentation in that area even if the end-result was eventually found to be unmarketable.
So they're colluding together to kill competition, doesn't this scream anti-competitive behavior?
You won't buy Blu-Rays instead of DVDs? We'll just get rid of the DVDs
My Roku's wifi crapped out, so I've had to reshuffle things so that the Roku is at the TV near the router. Given the number of people that have had this same problem, I'm not sure it's worth a purchase given the number of other devices that have Netflix built-in.
They've conveniently mucked up the "new release page" so much that I can believe that a lot of their customers have no idea what just came out. Is that a good thing?
"1-out-unlimited who uses instant watch a lot" is not their ideal customer. Though it sounds like they aren't spending a lot on your for postage, they are paying for bandwidth and whatever rights fees the instant watch movies cost. They aren't getting much from you in terms of fees when you're on the 1-out plan.
that review could be reused for "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" with only a few cosmetic tweaks
Most of those old great video stores were getting their lunch eaten by Blockbuster before Netflix came along, and they were going away just as fast. If he thinks it's hard to find obscure movies on Netflix, he should try his local Blockbuster store.