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Joanne Costello
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Interests: popular culture, feminist economics, materialist feminism, ecofeminism, labour issues, immigration issues, policy, health care, care crisis, disability, right to die, discourses from the margins.
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Oct 19, 2010
No, it's less about Facebook than putting in the buttons so that people can reblog or retweet...Can we start with the retweet? Could you guide me a bit about what they are saying here? Do I go into Design? Then where? I just need more explicit instructions. If I could just get the retweet button for now, I won't bug you for a bit. Cheers, J
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I have Typepad Pro. Can I get the same buttons that you have under each of your entries - reblog, tweet, facebook, etc.? I feel like the latest interface is more complicated. I can't even clearly see where to access widgets, etc. and actually began blogging less when it was introduced.
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I was recovering from a medical treatment a couple of weeks ago and began to watch The View, only to discover the phenomenon that is Justin Bieber. I wondered: "How is this kid so famous and I've never heard of him?" Apparently, he's from my country: good 'ol Canada. In the last two weeks, I've now noticed him everywhere, from tweets to the back of buses.
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Mar 15, 2010
I find blogging, Facebook and Twitter to be useful tools or mechanisms to connect with like-minded individuals...Unfortunately, as you've pointed out on other parts of your site, blogging is rarely used to engage people in discussion or offer new perspectives; it often looks like wannabe journalists churning out already-reported-news. I know that Facebook is good for organizing rallies but sometimes it feels as though we're joining an event, showing up at rallies, but not building a movement.
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