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southern california
Interests: tea, victorian houses, old cars (before the seventies), almost anything vintage, flora, fauna, collecting nature and putting 'it' in jars, music (especially with warm, sultry and folksy sounds), old hardcover books, discovering, exploring, etc. etc...
Recent Activity
i love that bear...
Toggle Commented May 25, 2009 on watching the sea lions at tiny happy
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oh i absolutely love love love this!!! oh how i wish it could adorn my wall, very nice!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2009 on white on green at tiny happy
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you look so cute amber!!
Toggle Commented May 20, 2009 on WTF? at Violet Folklore
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you gals are going to have so much fun! i can't wait to see the photos! so bring me back a rock, or a feather or something, lol!!
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nattie had a little laugh when she saw little mycie in her birthday suit! ah, children love to be free!! and um, that picture with vintage signs, MOFO pizza! i just HAD to laugh at that one!! let's get some Mofo Pizza!!
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you gals are great! i miss thrift shopping so much! i need to get out and find some good stuff! you two did great and i love that pic of you gals sitting around shooting the breeze. wonderful!
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2009 on Girls Gone (Shopping) Wild! at Violet Folklore
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i think this is my favorite post...again, so envious!!! i love everything about this place. so much history, so magical and beautiful. you don't get those kinds of things here in the suburbs. i have to find little pieces of beauty and magic in small, tiny places. inches of a place instead of the vast amount you have with the earth here. you girls know i am such a huge fan of you all...and mariee too! so lucky and her momma is absolutely radiant. yes, i can see all the inspiration and though i can't be there, i am not there, some of that can still drift away and be caught by me all the way over here...
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2009 on Ghosts, Miners, and Mandolins at Violet Folklore
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congrats violet folklore! :)
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2009 on 100 & 200 at Violet Folklore
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