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I am always amazed to read the usual suspects continuing their attack on the reforms that DC is pushing through. Amazed and dismayed, because they seem to have completely forgotten the recent past. They ignore the General Election defeats of 2001 and 2005, where the country rejected our policies, including the tax cuts that were promised. Lets be honest about this instead of trying to corrupt history to our own ends. Astonishingly we lost in 2005 against a Labour Government that had run out of steam, which was being led by someone who no one trusted and whom voters knew through Gordon Brown would continue increasing the overall burden of taxation. So why did we loose? We lost because our tax policies were not trusted and our economic competence was doubted. Voters wanted good services, including their local schools and hospitals. Nothing has changed! Still reading many of the comments in the press today there are those who want us to repeat the mistakes of the past. They would have has lurch back to the right making us almost unelectable and gifting Labour with another election victory. Is this what we really want? The Tax Commission has done some thought provoking work in providing our party with detailed spending plans including areas where we can save, but the savings are just one option. The stated position of putting stability before tax cuts must remain our policy. No one knows just how bad the economy will be at the time of the next election, nor if those areas our party has been highlighting will still require additional resources. We were all appalled at our injured servicemen being left in open wards without the care they need, especially when Haslar Military Hospital in Gosport lies empty, but to open this will require money, lets not kid ourselves. The current kit shortages and overstretch of all our forces must also be addressed. Why are we now spending less money on the RN than we did at any time since the 1930s, which has resulted in a fleet that is smaller than that of the French, dependent on the other nations navies when we are in theatre. Many Conservative constituencies risk having their local hospitals closed, 1,000s of sub post offices face the axe and we must not forget the millions of pensioners who have been let down and who deserve so much better. This will all cost money. Making economies and using money more efficiently is only part of the solution and yet there are those who would have us commit to cutting £21bn. Lets get real! I was delighted that David Cameron and George Osborne are sticking to their guns. We want stability first, good services and tax cuts. I would argue that they should be in this order. So we must stick to our course and not allow a few from the right to change this as it would be a disaster.
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