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Secret Simon
Interests: Humour, spirituality, meditation, writing, weblogs, music, books, audio books, podcasts, science fiction, fantasy, children's writing, illness management, expert patient programme, photography. life.
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Mar 15, 2010
Hmm, Typepad is getting very complicated these days! They only allowed me to leave a comment by linking to my Typepad Connect profile, which isn't yet linked to my blog. So just in case you were wondering, this is Simon from The Secret Of Life.
Hi Malcolm - I followed your link across from The Round Table. I've recently had thoughts of returning to fiction writing, having strayed into writing my spirituality blog the last few years, so this post is timely for me. I think one of my failings as a fiction writer is that I don't have a very visual imagination, so a lot of the time I don't *know* what hair color my characters have - or even in very great detail what a location looks like. The truth is that I don't really pay such things a lot of attention in real life either! What I do know very vividly is the *feel* of a location and I try to get into my characters' heads when they're talking. I love it when they deviate from the plot and do what they want instead. The little detail of not finding a publisher has stranded my characters between volumes two and three of my trilogy for some years now - perhaps it's time I gave them a chance to show me what happens next.