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Thanks for your feedback, Gregg! All the new projects you create using Captivate 9 use shapes by default for feedback captions. One of the reasons for you seeing text captions instead of feedback shapes can be if you: * Have created the course in an older version and have upgraded it to Captivate 9 * Applied a theme created using an older version of Captivate * Changed the default preference of the project to use text captions instead of shapes. You will find this setting on the Preferences dialog under Defaults section. I've updated the article with alternate steps when you are using text captions instead of shapes for feedback captions. And, you are right, all the default quiz objects have a higher 'z' order, as compared to the additional objects on the slide, so when you are adding new objects in the state view, make sure they are not covering any of the quiz objects, else they will be completely or partially hidden in the course. Let me know if this helps! :) Regards, Pooja
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Feb 10, 2017