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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) receives over 30,000 thousand automobile complaints each year. I am sure that all complaints are thoroughly examined by the NHTSA and responses are given to the parties involved. The issue isn’t rather or not NHTSA had ignored certain information or allegations, rather the issue is how the Department of Transportation and NHTSA followed up on the information they were receiving. In my opinion, it appears as though NHTSA lacks the resources to investigate claims made by entities outside the agency with regards to Toyota’s vehicle malfunction. NHTSA received some of the first complaints regarding certain Toyota car models experiencing sudden acceleration at the end of 2003. Upon further investigation it appears that NHTSA concluded the so called “sticky” pedal situation was caused by floor mats and that is where the investigation halted. Complaints were still being received by NHTSA regarding unintended acceleration. At that time Toyota issued floor mat recalls for certain Toyota models in 2007. The problem still persisted after the recalls and further investigation by NHTSA only determined floor mats as being the culprit of unintended acceleration in Toyota automobiles. The agency was unable to determine if there were other safety defects that could have caused the acceleration concern. From the time NHTSA first received complaints up to now, NHTSA failed to perform a timely and comprehensive review of the issue. NHTSA should have held Toyota more responsible from the beginning. In between the years of 2004 through 2007, NHTSA had relied on information they received from the company to conclude that the acceleration problem was caused by obstruction from the floor mats. The deaths of over 30 individuals relating to Toyota automobiles suddenly accelerating could have been avoided if proper investigative resources had been put into action.
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Mar 8, 2010
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Mar 8, 2010