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Poppies and Milk
Mill Valley, CA
seamstress-crafter-photographer-teacher-knitter-biker-hiker-beachcomber...and best of all: mama
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What a great post to read the morning after I CUT (?!) 7 inches off a gorgeous Aidez sweater I just finished so as to pick up stitches and make it shorter for my frame. So far so good but so scary! I remembered a post way back of yours (EZ mittens I think?) where you cut. So that gave me a bit of courage. Also I love that patchouli and popcorn are on the same shopping list ;)
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{After much thought, I have decided to keep up my blog for knitting purposes. Yes, I enjoy posting about knitting projects and sharing in Ginny's wednesday thing, so... once a week? I think I can handle that!} I found this sweet little pattern which was given as a handout long ago from my friend Julie at her previous knitting shop. Dusted it off just in time to make up a few for the upcoming heart holiday. I'm posting it here for anyone who wants to knit some love. (also made a ravelry link for it) The Formula: Cast on 9... Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2012 at Poppies and Milk
love those gowns. if you wouldnt mind answering one more "source" question: did you happen to make that pillow that Ada sits upon in the painting shot? if so, do you have a fabric source? if not, do you have a "purchasing source"? Thanks! love all of the inspiration you give me. i have lost my sewing mojo lately in favor of knitting every second of free time i can find. but something warm and cozy like these gowns might jump start my stitches... :)
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best. big sister. ever.
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Hi and thanks! So sorry i forgot to pass that info along last time! she doesnt have any listed but can do custom orders, etc. check her sold items for more! I LOVE them!!
nothing better than a completed pile of comfy pants for my boy! i'm almost embarassed at how long these took to finish. i had them on my sewing table complete with the exception of the hemming for months! i used the old tracing trick for the pattern, using a pair of pants that fit him well. i was totally inspired to use a real pattern, though, after seeing these pants yesterday! gives me hope for making even bigger boy pants! i noticed with my daughter's last round of pants that the fit gets trickier as they get older... i knew... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2011 at Poppies and Milk
drying these seeds. saving some for next spring, leaving some for the birds... inchworm-tiedye-camouflage this sage smells AMAZING... harvesting some in hopes of figuring out how to carry this scent into candles or an essential oil. (anyone have any good suggestions on how to do this?) indian summer waterslide "jewels" from the apricot tree about half of the tree harvest the late bloomers... reminds me of old timey outdoor downtown christmas lights... (perhaps the influence of boardwalk empire...) making use of the 90mm macro... in love with this shallow depth of field. pushing the limits of the season- new squash... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2011 at Poppies and Milk
Finally! I am posting photos of this great little felted flute bag! a modification of shelley's felted flute/recorder bag. i doubled the width to accommodate her pentatonic & soprano combination recorder. i love how it came out! it is a perfect fit and the colors look so much better together than i had expected! thanks again, shelley! yarn :: malabrigo merino worsted in velvet grapes and amoroso ravelry link joining in the yarn along with ginny today, i could not stop knitting this weekend! i completed about half of this sweater for my boy and am waiting on the rest... Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2011 at Poppies and Milk
Thank you so much for all of the inspiration and advice you have given me over the years! I love your blog and you will be missed! Hopefully you will still post your amazing handknits to Ravelry? :) i feel you with the unplugged love. xo-mary
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even though we have been having rain storms here and there is a little bit of chill in the air (just enough for us to know that summer has closed up shop for the year) and it is dark in the morning when it used to be light enough to see without the bike light... i am not ready to let go. ok, maybe i should rephrase that. i am ready to move forward (always) but would still like to linger a bit in these sweet moments which i have yet to share here in this space... saw elizabeth mitchell... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2011 at Poppies and Milk
this is how inspiration comes to me. overtaking my being. i have no control. no other choice but to create. in any small or large way possible. i have been looking and looking and looking and looking (you think i could size that one up to fit me? no, really!) for the perfect sweater pattern to knit for myself, for the perfect yarn (thanks julie!!) to create some other good things, for the perfect... and the list goes on. shouldn't i know by now that ideas are not born from perfection? all of that looking finally got to me today... Continue reading
Posted Sep 29, 2011 at Poppies and Milk
catching up on some knitting project sharing... this is the fanciest thing i have ever knit up and it was really fun! i have been doing a lot of sweaters and felted things that require rows and rows (and endless rows...) of stockinette in the round and this pattern was such a joyful break from all of those knit stitches! this was made as a gift for my daughter's class teacher at the end of last school year (yes, friends, before the summer...) and i am really happy with the results. i also should note that though i have knitted... Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2011 at Poppies and Milk
i am finally getting up to speed with this as i made these a while ago, but have yet to post them anywhere! we have been really enjoying using them, especially elijah as he thinks it is very "big boy" to carry his own water bottle for immediate use whenever he wants it. i have actually made 3 more besides these two as gifts and find that it is really the perfect little pattern! thanks again, shelley, for yet another winner! details are in ravelry (and the second one)... p.s. i am ignoring the fact that i have not posted... Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2011 at Poppies and Milk
these are great! my girl would love these! thanks for sharing!
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:) Ill get on that posting!
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2011 on july :: since we last met... at Poppies and Milk
Haha. No, no baby sea turtles were harmed in the animal bath session. Its pretty realistic, though! And aside from catching up on photos, I desperately need to get caught up with a certain stack of sewing for a little girl who may be outgrowing the half sewn pants Im making her!! Sent from my iPhone
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