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Nice. I like that your attitude seems to be that the glass is both half empty ("probably not going to get this job") and half full ("I don't feel like the time was wasted"), and that the full part is the important part.
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I have to make some time to do some brewing again. It's been a few years. I've never done a full grain brew, but I've made some good stuff with extracts and partial grain. The last time was for Christmas a few years ago when we made an amber, a Scottish ale and a hefeweitzen.
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Enjoy your vacation, Wil! I was happy to see over on G+ that you're working on Memories of the Future Vol. 2. Sounds like you'll need that rest first.
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Jul 8, 2011
Awesome. I'm not a very active brewer myself, but I do brew a batch now and then. When you tweeted your request for resources, I was going to suggest going to your local brewing supply store. I'm glad to hear that your local store's staff was as friendly, patient, infectiously enthusiastic and helpful as mine. I was also glad to see that someone recommended keeping a journal. You'll want that info in order to repeat and/or tweak your best batches. You know what the hardest part of brewing is? Waiting for the bottle conditioning process. At least during the fermentation, you can watch the bubbles!
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Hi Wil, I've been reading your blog pretty regularly for a couple years, and I have a Twitter list of everyone who's been involved with W00tstock, which is the only group of people I try to keep up with on Twitter. I also got to meet you briefly at the autograph table after the Seattle W00tstock last year, when I mentioned that I too had an Atari 400 for my first computer. When I became a petulant teenager, the Fourth wasn't the big thing I missed, because it was never really a big deal to start with in my family. I think most people end up looking back at their teenage years and thinking, "Did I really miss out on time with my family because I wanted to go to that stupid [fill in the blank]?" Unfortunately, it's something that can only be perceived in hindsight and trying to explain it to a teenager only makes you look like more of a lame-o (that's what the kids say these days, isn't it?) in their eyes.
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May 14, 2010