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Assuming the reports are correct and this young woman did convert to Islam, one has to wonder if her new "family" bothered to explain to her the punishment for the crime of apostasy? I'd say, probably not.
Someone needs to warn the kaffir tourists!
Well, no surprise really, while the big eared Clown is still in the WH. One has to wonder what the reaction would have been if this IDIOT was in office instead of GW during 9/11?
P.T. Barnum had no idea just how right he was when he said, "There's a sucker born every minute."
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Somewhere, the Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves. The folks at the National Archives building may as well put the Constitution away. Apparently it doesn't matter anymore. God help us all. I hope this nation survives another four years under the lying-sack-in-chief.
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If we extend the concept of Mr. Obama's definition of a demonstration, the bombing of the WTC on 9/11 was just another demonstration...not terrorism at all.
Ha! If our lying muslim-in-chief president were Pinocchio, his nose would reach from Earth to the moon!
Mothers such as this certainly don't deserve the right to have children. At least he doesn't have to deal with her and the religion of hate any more
Wonder where they got their IDs? A cereal box maybe?
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Nov 1, 2012
As long as the people dying aren't his people (Kenyans) none of this matters a bit to the Liar in Chief.
This would seem to add weight to the argument that the kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens was planned all along...with Obama's involvement. If so, this would explain why the Liar-in-Chief did nothing, lied about an obscure movie to shift blame for the attack, and in fact sandbagged any efforts to send a rescue team to save the men at the consulate. Any other scenario just doesn't make any sense. Occam's razor at work here, "the simplest answer is often correct." On a side note, if this were a Republican administration, the Lame Stream media would be all over this story like a pack of hyenas. There would be bios done on Amb. Stevens. There timelines of events leading up to the attack and afterwards. There would be questions about where any rescue forces were. There would be questions why the administration didn't act sooner. There would be questions about why the President and SecState Clinton lied over, and over, and over again in their attempt to shift the blame on!?! However, since this is not the case, and the sitting President is half-black, most everyone gives him a free pass. Any attempt to question the Obama labels one a "racist," and that ends the matter right there. Perhaps people should remember Obama is half-white, and at least hold that portion of him accountable for what happened.
This is the White House version of invoking the Fifth Amendment!
What chaps my hide is the MSM is so enamored of The One they see only what they want to see. In their own mindset any criticism of Obama is merely a knee-jerk reaction to the color of the man's skin, and therefore worthy of absolutely no merit whatsoever. The shame of it all is the purpose of the media is to protect the governed from their own government, not to enable the government to pull the wool over the eyes of the governed.
They really are quite a sight. Ugh! These clowns don't need masks for Halloween!
Thank you, Pamela, for not including the Obama portion of the "humor." Obama came off like the truly bad second-rate warm up act before the main show. "We got Bin Laden" was his strongest point. If, in fact, the decision to do that wasn't even Obama's, then he doesn't even that leg to stand on.
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2012 on Best Mitt speech ever at Atlas Shrugs
Looks like Andrew Sullivan will have time to think about why Newsweek is so dumb as he looks for a new rag to work for. BTW, is it just me or does it seem as if Obama is always chanelling his inner Mussolini?
Bravo! That was on! Unbelievable! Johnny Carson himself would have been in stitches!
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2012 on Best Mitt speech ever at Atlas Shrugs
"I don't put it past this administration for a moment, but I'd be chary about jumping in with both feet until this is further corroborated." Ditto. I find this story entirely plausible. However, I hope we get something more concrete to get this story to stick. Otherwise, the libtard-lamestream media types will just say we're making this up. Will anyone from the Dept. of State, other than Hillary, of course, say anthing about this? If this is true, it means that the White House was willing to SET UP a U.S. Ambassador as a pawn to trade for a terrorist. I also read the FBI is investigating the case, but they probably won't have anything conclusive before November 6. If true, this story definitely WOULD be bigger than Watergate! I'd love to see than libtard tool Rachel Maddow try to spin that! (It would probably make her head explode!)
Obama is all style and no substance. He's the political version of the steak ad where the consumer is sold the sizzle, but not the steak. To his credit, I will say Obama did learn how to read, because he is useless without his teleprompter. Beyond that, not much else. He is a sell out of the worst sort, selling us out to foreign/enemy interests instead of just private domestic groups. I really, really hope we kick his self-aggrandizing ass out in November. It cannot happen soon enough.
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Do these idiots still think they're living in Somalia? If they're not happy in Maine, they need to LEAVE--back to the sphincter they came from!
Obama doesn't need the Left to look bad. He does that quite well by himself. The only thing is the Left doesn't bother to notice.
The Pope is most likely too polite to tell them muslim riff raff, the muslim "scholars" (seriously?) et al. to go fuck themselves. Since I am not the Pope... Hey, Muslim Brotherhood, GO FUCK YOURSELVES, YOUR KORAN AND YOUR STINKING PIG MOHAMMAD. And for the muslim "scholars," garden variety slugs are smarter than you because they realize they don't need to lift their ass to the sky five times a day!
What's the worst part about this? If Romney does get elected and Iran goes ahead and blows something up, Romney will be blamed since it "happened on his watch" while Obama plays golf in Hawaii.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2012 on Nukes for Dummies at Atlas Shrugs
@Mary Passer "But with those rights comes a moral obligation to consider the repercussions of your actions. Spouting your mouth off from the safety of our country at the expense of Americans abroad just to exercise your right to free speech is reprehensible at best." Mary, non-action has repercussions as well. Take for instance the inaction of Germans during Hitler-controlled Germany during WWII. How many Jews might have been spared death had more Germans decided to help their neighbors from the death camps? The other issue is if Ms. Geller no longer has the safety of this country to express herself, how else is she supposed to get the word out? Ms. Geller did not create the violence that exists in the Middle East. Ms. Geller did not cause Muslims to be violent. They have done that pretty well on their own for a long, long time. One only need to read the history of Muslim violence in India to know about that. Not all Muslims are jihadis, and not all Muslims wish us harm. That doesn't change the fact that enough certainly do. Not to say a thing to warn and alert others about this threat to our safety, our rights, and our way of life would be a disservice to us all.