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Békéscsaba ; Hungary
Interests: everything
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Hello for everybody! I'm Tamás Kohári. I am the older brother of the author of a previous comment. I am not so good at the English language than he, I respect it because of this him. Mentioned it that I feel similarly than he.This is true in a full measure unless a little detail.I am a man with rather radical thinking. Sure in the good sense. I have nausea sounding sincerely it what the man changed to how, and that what transforms our world into because of this unfortunately. This world urgently needs to make change in.Only that trouble that if somebody says this everybody laughs at it then.Though if we reflect on it this would not be so heavy.Joining forces for human race with similar thinking for us only would be enough.According to me all of them we would be surprised how many people we are how.There would be power in our hand immediately, the power of the will.It would be necessary to gather it up only. THAT'S IT.We could drive the human race into a new direction. To protect our mother nature. Maybe that now call an idiot you believe it that I am crazy, but belive it . WILL IS NEEDED ONLY!
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Dec 30, 2009
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Dec 30, 2009