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Sorry, I went too fast and got my decimal wrong. Laura Dawson's figure is (exactly) 32.8 million titles now active to Bowker's scanners. Thirty-two million, almost 33 million. So about 10 times more than the 3 million you're projecting, already out there. Which increases the urgency of what you're saying. Again, more about this and the additional ebooks we can't even "see":
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Hi, MJ. By way of supporting your call for exceptional material (and the effort that goes into it), I'd just point out that the field of competition is far bigger than I think you're projecting. Bowker already sees more than 3.2 million active titles (meaning titles it can track via ISBNs). In covering this in Ether for Authors, I went into the fact that there are many, many MORE books than that because many writers aren't buying ISBNs for their ebooks. Here is a column about it with Laura Dawson at Bowker: Your appeal for exceptional work and results is exactly right. Nothing else can possibly hope to succeed in this deepening sea of many more than 3.2 million titles. Porter
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Jan 20, 2013