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grace Forrest
New Mexico US
this blog is a journal recording the experience of having become a student of Jude Hill ~ Spirit Cloth
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ok. i call it quits. Take a deep breath and go forward. Goats move through late day SUN light. Talking. Chicken among them. Talking. Trees rustle. Talking. SUN says, Bright! Bright!
Toggle Commented 11 hours ago on color of stuff at windthread
for some short time this morning, the color of things was exactly right. Or, from the phone camera and Google pics. It was just right. i have no idea how it will come through here. But needed to try. ONE MORE TIME. and now, i will let it go. here... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at windthread
yes...69 is an Event. and for you, with a NINE, but once your past that, it's just a roll that kind of all is the same. This year will be 74 for me....hard for me to imagine, 74. That's OLD...but...
Toggle Commented yesterday on How things just Grow here at Spirit Cloth
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yes. that 's what i remembered too, but there had to be more to the story. He found it. and it's a good answer without leaving out the Mystery of how it's all so just Grand an Arrangement.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Rain at windthread
a short break in an otherwise bleak wet day, i ran down the Hill to harvest the pea pods and good thing. They'd gotten big. Some with the beginning forms of peas. These go in the Breakfast stir fry. and out of the corner of my eye, i saw movement... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at windthread
i love seeing, could spend all day every day, looking and seeing sometimes lately, i say outloud what i'm seeing...describe in words and keep looking, sometimes seeing changes just in those moments,
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on The Complex Eye at Spirit Cloth
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i can't get the colors right. An overcast day, but in an odd way, oveercast, and it's just not happening, no matter what i try. It's kind of this, but so much more BRIGHTER. but it's an aching. I want this. but i also know i can't use so much... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at windthread
it says on the back....Initiation Spring 2018 held it today and added stitches, invisible stitches because i'd not done that before, had not done the stitching to make it One. Today, it was time to do that. And it was time to place the Welcoming Crow. I did that. Now... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at windthread
last night it was that sky river. Buckets and buckets of rain dumped, spilled over, ALL NIGHt LONG, non stop. Today, some times of just very light rain, but rain nonetheless. Goats try and then run back. Dear them.... This is not supposed to be happening. But it is happening.... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at windthread
the cloth is very much sustaining. a wonder Full wet dark rain day, but the contraire
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on odd days at windthread
i smile, you say Why not through Mo.... smile.... of course, yes, Why not
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on odd days at windthread
it IS! it's just amazing to me....
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on odd days at windthread
i don't think so. Very large and strong bushes. I'll go look again. at the website. Am not good with keeping details
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on odd days at windthread
i am just so glad you did. I must have missed the comments that post...or i'd have seen it...a reminder to keep up, each time
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on odd days at windthread
...."the posts mixed with comments are my compost" so really great a thought, that we are compost for our selves and in so, for Us....a beauty FULL thought, Tina...
i have to think that thorns are part of it all...of course they are.
am listening
if we are OPEN to much is just right there. To share the days with us, to feed our souls
oh...Tanagers, yes, how they would make their way on the migratory corridor through the middle Rio Grande valley and stop at That Acre, when the Salt Cedar bloomed, to hang, like those old fashioned hand painted christmas ornaments from the branches, upside down, like wisteria blooms too but scarlet ALL your words above, all that they convery and ending with the thought...: "especially for we eldered women - we don't actually have to rise. Perhaps this is the time to persist just as we already Are." This brings so much to consider. I remember your pond, the frogs and i can so clearly see this one that came for you, to SEE catch your EyeHeart, to bring you news of how it's going. Yes. again, thank you for being here.
a string of days, till at least mid week next....Rain. Not so much the downpour of Winter Season, but every day for the next 5 will have rain. i walked down the Hill to the car for the town trip and at this moment, the scent of the Scotch Broom... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at windthread
and then. i am sitting here, looking out the window, a towel wrapped around my head because i washed my hair so i can go to the Post Office tomorrow. I look out the Window and see the Goats go past on their way to the last of their wanderings for the day. I have read that there will be unusual Rain for the next ten days. Beginning tomorrow morning. I listen to late birds. Today i saw a CROw chase a Hawk, Chase it, both were speaking their language and engaging i saw again that YELLOW flowered plant. i think how i am a person. a human being. an old one. a woman. an old woman. i think how i fit into the Big Picture if there is such a thing as such a small piece, but i know there is. Even the most infinitesimal thing fills it's space
Acey...if i were the type, ie: able to, if i were that, i would cry small tears of gladness that you show up here and leave these words....means so much to me. i watch my self all the time in what i say about cloth making. often i guess it sounds fanciful and not real. That the Cloths make themselves. That the Cloths tell ME the story. But this one is a perfect example of that just being my TRUtH. The truest of Truths. and right when i need it. the beginning, seeing the form of a human being in the old dress scrap...what the form is in Gesture. That was all. nothing beyond that. ok, so where can this form be? and the piece with smudges, odd, not pretty...but so FULL of something. Ok. and then what? Sky. and today, the energetic and active colors of "her earth", where she stands, what rises up INTO her and here it all is.... the words above that tell me so what is necessary to life forms rising from the Consciousness of the planet earth, energetically, and through substance then to Grow the Planet's blooms, of which, we, human beings are one. I didn't "think up" these things, they CAME. they CAME with the fragments appearing to be placed on the cloth. This might be thought to be crazy. I don't care. It's my Truth. it's how it happened and how it happens. And it Teaches me. Tells me what i'm FOR. Thank you so much for coming about this. So much.
this plant...along the top edge of the dye bed. a single one. i see it no where else. this is not a good photograph. It deserves better. the deep butter yellow, along a curved bloom stem. Cloth talks about the planet Earth, being the MindBody, the Consciousness. We, the earthly... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at windthread
yes...our own Peggy here, about to set out into the wild world of van dwelling...she and i have watched endless's incredible, the brilliance. We'll see. There's an upturn in the energy...who knows now. Either way, it's ok. Am happy to find you here...Love,
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