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Interesting read, thanks. Regarding Firefox, which you say has no "UI support for figuring out which sites have stored data". Perhaps this has changed since you wrote the article. In my Firefox 3.6.6 on the Mac, under Advanced - Network, it shows me "The following websites have stored data for offline use" and lists them in a box with a 'remove' button. Unfortunately, clicking this remove button doesn't actually remove the cache. It removes it from the box, but if you go to about:cache or check the directory itself, you'll see the entries are still there. That was making me rather frustrated earlier today! So, I agree it seems there's a long way still to go until browsers provide a good interface for all this. And not just for the end-user, but also for developers (e.g. it would save lots of banging heads against walls if it told you what the problem is when your cache manifest file is invalid).
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2010 on Offline Web Apps: To Cache or to Store? at dretblog
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Jul 14, 2010