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I got my backlogged DVDs from last week plus one extra. But curiously one of the new ones from this week is not being shipped til Wednesday. Is Netflix still having problems or is this more throttling then before?
calig I agree with you on the hypocrisy and dishonesty of BB. But I rather think the version of Street Fighter they were carrying may have been the theatrical version. What infuriates me about BB (and the distributors who cave into them) is when they insist on editing a NC-17 or unrated (adults only) film to R or PG13 and then don't tell you that you're not getting the version that played in theatres.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2007 on Netflix Censoring Tudors? at Hacking NetFlix
I have been with netflix for several years now and in that time have rented close to 600 DVDs from them. There was a brief period a couple of years ago where three DVDs came not just scratched but broken. Basically snapped in half. One recently came shattered in about a dozen pieces-- and two others I'd received which were too scratched to play. But that is it
I looked for it but didn't see the warning in my Netflix copy of Shut Up And Sing. Frankly I don't think this so called exclusive is going to amount to much of anything as far as consumers are concerned for one simple reason. It is not in Weinstein's interests for it to actually work. Or at least it is not in their interests for them to do what is necessary for it to work. And that is to limit the number of units of each movie they put out on the market on DVD. Only making enough to satisfy Blockbuster's needs and no more. We all know that won't happen although it wouldn't exactly surprise me if Blockbuster at some point sues Weinstein for breach of contract or whatever it would be called for failure to restrict the distribution of DVDs to the retail marketplace and thus undermining the value of the program from Blockbuster's perspective