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Wendy Pottgen
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Hey Toben: I cannot imagine how overwhelming and emotional they are for you - I get that way just reading them! I had a cool experience here at work (NCAA - Indianapolis, IN) when I found out that someone I work with is reading Joanne's blog. How cool is that? Blogging/Facebook/Twitter make us only one step away from one another - even for those who have never met. College seems forever ago, and although we did not know one another well, I heard about you from all the support you gave to Sarah. I am so glad that you have the support of thousands all over the world. Be well. Wendy Arralde Pottgen (Whitworth, 1994)
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2011 on Encouragement at Joanne Heim
Toben and Family: Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for specific prayer requests. Be Well. Wendy Arralde Pottgen (Whitworth, 94)
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Jan 12, 2011