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When are the tables out?
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I'm sorry Gerry, but being "bisexual" was simply not my experience. I find it depressing that you're not prepared to listen to my experience simply because it doesn't fit your perspective.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2009 on I don't apologize for Section 28 at CentreRight
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It's quite simple, homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice, you are born gay, born straight. That's as naive an understanding of the science of sexual orientation as clause two of Section 28 was of the real relationships that exist between those of the same sex. For the record, I was exclusively homosexual in my attractions and affections till my late 20s. I am now happily married with children. Are you suggesting that my genes suddenly decided to flip? Or could it be that human sexuality is a much more complicated thing than your unscientific blanket statement?
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2009 on I don't apologize for Section 28 at CentreRight
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Let me try those links again. The BNP/BCC and Apartheid The BNP/CCB and Proper Theology Language, Race and Nation Peter+
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I've drawn up my response to this here.
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