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Interests: 25 Things About me 25. I have middle names. 24. My degree is in journalism. 23. I love to read. 22. I love the SF Giants. 21. I am lifelong 49ers fan. 20. Have a doggie. 19. Am a big liberal. 18. The four C's: chocolate, cheese, coffee and champagne 17. furla handbags! 16. Shoes? Did you say a shoe store? 15. Travelling is a priority. 14. I am Irish and Swedish. 13. San Francisco is my home. 12. I watch Mad Men. 11. When I was a kid, I used to make myself mustard sandwiches. 10. Night person. 9. U2 is my favorite band. 8. A 70's kid. 7. Minored in Italian. 6. Speak French and Spanish, too. 5. Went to Greece and Turkey in 2005. 4. Batman is my favorite superhero. 3. I despise cruelty, rudeness and stupidity. 2. Saving money to buy a home. 1. Guinness Stout is my favorite beer.