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He indicates that, for example, that other parents won’t let their children have sleepovers with his daughter. That looks to be a public service provided by the defendants, particularly considering the kiddie porn convict he has recently had living with said daughters.
Meh. I've just decided to embrace it. Yup, I'm a racist. I still love you, tho!
Little Green Firedoglake is dead. Long live Little Green Firedoglake!
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2009 on Say Goodbye at baldilocks
Someone needs to get Jane Skinner to work her husband over on this one. Come back, Karl! We need you!
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So, how about Soltz' statement, in the middle of ragging on the Sgt, that: "For the sake of the Army, I want to thank everyone who came here..." I don't suppose he's allowed to be holding himself out as representing the Army at a function like that, is he?
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