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Very interesting article and hot topic. To be honest I cannot answer with a simple Yes or No. I prefer though to present our case in the company I work. We have a very small QA dept (3 people) where as our total developers count to 25.As you can imagine there is a bottleneck in QA stuff, so we have tried to wear the tester hat in some agile teams and do the testing inside the team. The results, however, vary. Some times "testers" inside the dev-team do greate job,especially when the feel that the software is their child. There are cases,though, where QA team with different approaches catch some defects that are not "seen" by dev-members, or do a more detailed testing. To be honest I believe that a mixed combination maybe the best scenario :-) I am not sure... We are still try to learn is now following The Typepad Team
May 21, 2011