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White Flint Farm. Keeling, Virginia.
Farmer, seminarian.
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This is a fine tribute to a great thinker. Although as a student at U.Va. law school I heard a lot more about the Coase Theorem than I cared for at the time, I'm pleased to have had the privilege to learn from people under the unfluence of so fine a scholar.
Great song! That's what we call Carolina Beach Music here.
I love this quote. Thanks for sharing it.
This is wonderful. So glad you posted it. The photo of Mr. Berry plowing is priceless.
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Interesting piece. Thanks for sharing it. I love this line from Mr. Berry: "Alone here, among the rocks and the trees, I see that I am alone also among the stars."
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Thanks for sharing this! Mr. Berry was spot on in identifying the fraudulence of our economic illusions and our need to imagine a better economy years ago. In 1972 he wrote an amazing essay titled "Discipline and Hope" which I highly recommend. peace
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Sep 4, 2010