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Prairie Lily Arts
Strolling through tall grass...
Owner of Prairie Lily Arts, freelance writing, photography and music education. Homeschool mom of two little men.
Interests: music, literature, gardening, homeschooling, whole foods, cooking, hiking, writing, photography, sewing, faith, native prairies
Recent Activity
Wandering through the wilderness. In these last few days I’ve grasped more fully the enormity of God in the wilderness… of this earth and of our journey on it. My prairie heart embraces open expanses, wild flowers and grasses waving rib-high, creek melodies beneath the green canopy of summer wood. This tall grass wandering… it’s what I know. It is where heart lyrics give rise. It feeds the soul as I tune to God’s whisper on the breeze. The cares of the world sweep freely to horizon blue. The monarch dances before me, and I smile full. Of desert wilderness... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2014 at Prairie Lily Arts
Grace steps approach. Promises unveil. Hosanna rises. And falls. Heckling pierces the Son of God. The world clamors loud with self. And we who would follow, We leave Him alone... Again... As we sleep to our calling. Time and again, wonder aches, who would I be? Questioning the soul depths raw. Who would I be in the passion that was Christ? To be John at His feet, thundering soul... beloved, Simon of Cyrene grappling strength unknown the world's sin anchor, Mary weeping motherhood from her womb's heart Ah, but, I... I am the rugged weight heaped, heaved. Yet the sun... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2013 at Prairie Lily Arts
Home... That space where we love... Is where hugs come first, and hello comes second. Hugs wrap round... spanning relationships and life moments. In that circle of flesh and soul... We celebrate. We console. We say 'hello' and 'see you again soon'. We teach. We learn. We remember, and we forget. We wake. We rest. We melt. We resolve. We whisper, 'I know'. We open, 'Help me understand'. We protect, and we free to bloom. We dance. We still. We inhale... and exhale... breathing breath shared. We close the space between And we claim home On the sidewalk, In the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2013 at Prairie Lily Arts
My dear Stef, you are home to so many people. No matter how often we carve time to speak, we have shared long hours, triumphant joys and cracked hearts. And that... makes you a part of home.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2012 on Where Hearts Are Planted at Prairie Lily Arts
Home. It's time. Early morning light streams golden warm across boot leather smooth... and my heart calls home. Through generations lived out, home catches tears of joy... tears of sorrow... they wash the view clear. They spill together upon this solid ground of family... and nourish life. Home is where necks are hugged first and words are spoken second. It's where mom's bread rose full and tender in oven's glow. It's where the milkman delivered clear bottles of purest farm cream to the door, and corn stretched tall all around. It's where Grandma's potatoes sizzled in morning's skillet, and crisp... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2012 at Prairie Lily Arts
Oh, Jennifer! You always offer up warmest kindness! Merry Christmas, to your beautiful heart! :)
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2011 on Come As You Are at Prairie Lily Arts
"Come as you are. Follow your heart." Choir voices rise majestic upon orchestra's strings. With adoration we come. Joy... humility... awe... this is Christmas. Grace for every failing... this is Christmas. A no-matter-what kind of love... a heart laid open, willing to sacrifice everything in exchange for that which endures... this is Christmas. Oh, to live out the love that is Christmas! "Who here among us has not been broken? Who is without guilt or pain?" Strongest voice resounds with violins and hearts alike. Who, but Him? A perfect King born as an infant in a stable to walk, to... Continue reading
Posted Dec 18, 2011 at Prairie Lily Arts
While I am not sure why my Google feed seems to be publishing old posts, perhaps as winter settles, today was indeed a perfect day to revisit the contrast between winter's still and spring's vibrancy. For in the quiet of winter, when all seems dormant, newness begins. It is in the spring that we simply see so tender and lovely what was there all along... splendor waiting to bloom... treasured gift to be opened. And we realize it has always been. Faith. Faith is seeing the beauty with our hearts before it springs to sight... before it is perfected... before... Continue reading
Posted Dec 8, 2011 at Prairie Lily Arts
Humbled I am. Precious friend, you touch the soul that grew quiet in this little place. That God would use simplest of words leaves me exceedingly grateful. Warmest hugs to you and your dear family this Thanksgiving, Mary Ann.
Fall’s last warmth streams light through gems dancing golden... once summer’s ordinary. I am awed. Isn’t that true of God’s every blessing? He shapes. He offers. He pours the radiance of His grace upon our most meager of offerings and comes forth the rare, the powerful, the long-to-be treasured. We laugh joy in our praise. We bow humble in quiet thanksgiving. So many blessings. How do we begin to acknowledge fully? How do we number them? For I know so many... so many. But the greatest of these is love. This girl knows the sacred blessing of love abundant and... Continue reading
Posted Nov 23, 2011 at Prairie Lily Arts
Oh, Alex, I am so sorry about your mom. You are walking such a difficult journey... and yet always, always extending grace, joy and encouragement to so many. My words have grown quiet of late, but you are forever welcome to speak your heart here. Deepest thanks for taking a moment to share with me. My prayers are with you, your mom and your family for strength, comfort and peace of heart.
Jenn, you'll be happy to know I don't use the mixer for Mom's recipe. Really, if you've got the energy and a few more minutes, kneading by hand produces wonderful bread! Give it a whirl! Let me know if you get stumped! Hugs, friend. :)
Jen, thank you so much. Wishing you and your sweet family a beautiful Mother's Day together!
It was the day after Christmas and the kitchen counters were still lined with tiered plates and footed candy bowls offering sweet confections, towering over platters spread with cookies. My little man stood eyeing the dishes. "Mama, what I'm really craving is your bread." Sustenance. Basic. Familiar. Nourishing. For a flash of a moment I was surprised. And then I smiled, knowingly. Warm memories rose in my senses as if the aroma of my mom's bread baking golden could be savored wafting through the kitchen. This singular aroma stirs tender thoughts of holidays, my mom, home. So here comes my... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2011 at Prairie Lily Arts
With all of my shortcomings, this girl loves you back... dearly.
Jennifer, somehow I see you being ever so intentional. Warmest thanks.
Thank you, Michelle. How easy it is to take them for granted. Blessings to you and yours.
I love you. The words tumble easily to those who hold our hearts. As the car door closes, as the phone call ends, as quilts draw up about shoulders and lights switch off... "I love you" spills naturally. When spoken through years of days and moments, crests and valleys, "I love you" flows without hesitation. No break in stride. No lingering of eyes. No pause between sentences, nor change of inflection. We speak the treasured into the ordinary. Yet these gems of words are so worthy of intention. Softened tone, warm cupping of the face, smiling eyes, fingers interlaced... and... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2011 at Prairie Lily Arts
The first pink glimmers of sunrise through the trees found me lingering in the the last words Jesus shared with his disciples. I wondered, as I have so many times before, who I would be among those involved in these hours of suffering. Who would I prove myself to be in the passion of the One who loved so completely? I am grateful for a community of families with whom to share my heart. Journey with me at The Homeschool Village as I share about the hope that is Easter? May your heart draw near to the One who gave... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2011 at Prairie Lily Arts
Many warm returns, that Sunday's dawn would fill your heart.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2011 on Drawing Near to His Heart at Prairie Lily Arts
Warmest blessings, Jennifer, for a joyful Easter sunrise.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2011 on It's Friday at Prairie Lily Arts
In the dark, quiet hours I draw still. I linger over the words of John... Matthew, Mark, Luke. Tears spill in streams. Surely the sound of heartbreak can be heard in the silence. Oh, that I could be Simon of Cyrene this day... to do something... something to bear the load of my own weight upon the back of the One who never failed.... the One who loved... this much. It's Friday. And my heart aches to breaking. Suz "Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, 'Thou sayest that I am a King. To this... Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2011 at Prairie Lily Arts
I am profoundly guilty of allowing important moments to be swept in a flurry of activity. I am learning. Thanks so much for sharing, Michelle. Warmest Easter blessings.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2011 on Drawing Near to His Heart at Prairie Lily Arts
Moments come when walking hand in hand, the heart yet desires to draw nearer. Moments come when mere inches seem too great a distance. Moments come when eyes fix upon eyes... whispered words flow directly to the soul... yet the heart longs to be one, to know the mind that even conjured the thought. I hear His whisper into my heart, His hand upon my own. Yet I long to close the distance. As Easter approaches, a dear friend confides in me. "I always feel as if I lost out." The entire season slips from our grasp as busyness swirls.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2011 at Prairie Lily Arts
Can and does... with unlimited grace and boundless love. Thank you, Rebecca.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2011 on Spring Unspoken at Prairie Lily Arts