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Pramod Kumar
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Funny - just a couple of days back was explaining the concept of print film to my 8yr old. I had to pull up all my old negatives and show them to her. She just could not understand the concept of taking photos and waiting to develop it to actually see what you took :) So what you feared has already started happening :)
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Really great pics! Could you by any chance post where you took these pics. Hoping to swing by in a future vacation :)
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2009 on Behind Those Italian Doorways at My Mélange
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I think that most people who are just starting on Yoga probably need to attend a short course so they can understand how the asanas are performed but once they learn how to do the asanas safely I see no reason why they need to spend any more money to do Yoga. All you need is a mat which has some grip - it can be a clean sheet on a carpet. So best of luck!! :)
Yummmm! Loved the crepes when we had visited Paris, my daughter loved the nutella so much we had to start getting it when we got back :)
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2009 on Foodie French Friday: Crêpes at My Mélange
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