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Tim Prater
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About 8 years ago i took one of these job im from indiana and ended up in Charlotte NC i was there about 72 hours i got beat for refusing to sign papers i was giving like most kids i was just gonna sign em like the comment above said we got 20 a day to live on so i bought a case of beer and started reading the papers work the sign on Bonus they give you is a credit amount so say u get 3,000 well that starts dissapearing for everything the 20 a day the motel the transport all comes off that 3,000 and when its gone and u haven't sold anything u owe that company after reading that i was ready to leave instead i confronted the guy his name was Brandon not sure on last name but i got it made my way to the nearest phone booth and cops did nothing like the guy above i too had to ask for a ride home and the weird thing about it while i was at the bus station they came there still wanting thoses papers signed so if anyone is thinking about this just stay away thatnks
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Nov 5, 2011