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Such a freebie model works in Europe because the transit system has riders from other countries using its services. This fact makes subsidizing residential passes with non-resident fare a no-brainer. But in the U.S., it doesn't work this way. Transit service is almost always run by county government and offers service that only county residents would find useful. For e.g. you won't find Los Angeles residents on an Orange County busline because the latter does not offer service to L.A. County. If you want to travel in L.A. then you use L.A. transit. If you want to travel in Orange County, then you use Orange County transit. Never the twine shall meet. Even in other transit authorities, such as SEPTA, this line spans several different counties in Pennsylvania. How then would that line be able to offer free transit to residents whev everyone using the service IS a resident? The bottom line is that what works in Europe will not necessarily work in the U.S., which is for the most part, adamantly opposed to public transport, anyway, thanks to the fact that the oil companies own and operate the federal government.
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Feb 5, 2013