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Aug 14, 2019
When Maxwell became an MP he was offering all sorts to his constituents. Fortunately, the voters had seen through him, now his daughter seems to be under a cloud. Although the theory that Mossad was responsible for his death over money does seem a valid theory, there is another alternative theory Maxwell had a lot of information on the British Establishment and owned the UK's biggest selling newspaper, so I suspect he had a very big story which the Conservative Press would never publish. In other words it's not Mossad but the British Establishment that wanted him shut up as he had become a dangerous loose cannon. The evidence for this can be found with the coverage of his daughters alleged affair with a Duke and British Politicians connections with dubious sexual practices, highlighted in one issue of the Mirror highlighting a Tory MP sexual practices with young men. Like some Media Mogul today he had information that would rock the establishment. He had become dangerous and had to go.
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Aug 14, 2019