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Naivete of Hindus and their abject failure to learn from history should be a cause for concern. In the name of "universalism" the majority has fallen into a trap set by the secularists and Christian prosleytizers. While rural Hindus are too poor to resist the temptations of easy money, job and other goodies in return for conversion, urban Hindus, find it fashinable to be "secular", and embrace every act of subtle incultration, that robs them of their own deep and inclusive dharmic traditions. It's a pity that Sanatana dharmis don't recognize the 'fox watching the hen house.' Why don't we recognize the movie that has played out in so many parts of the world throughout history? Destruction of native American culture (they are rotting in reservations with all kinds of maladies and few have casinos--sign of progress?)is a case in point. Without dharma, there is nothing. The days of crediting christian-inspired laissez-faire capitalist system (most market fundamentalists are staunch christians)for material prosperity of the west is over; look at the pitiable state of once-upon-a-time powerful colonial powers from the continent of Europe. And now, we have 45million people on food stamps and 1 in 5 children suffering from hunger in the world's most powerful nation--USA! Only dharma's all-encompassing, holistic ways can save humanity. So, don't adulterate the purity of dharma in the name of freedom of art and expression. Read history and learn from a scholar like Dr.Elst (previous comment). Most of all, be aware of nefarious agenda purused by "exclusive" belief systems; do your due diligence; don't accept anything at face value. Protect dharma...dharmo rakhati rakshitah...dharma will protect you.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2011 on Love Thy Neighbor at Tales of South India
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Sep 23, 2011