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Love Tweetreach as well as and
Good one Ray, and agree with your definitions. Social Media Monitoring to me would mean generally being able to really hone down and listen in to the conversations already taking place and generating insights from that. Social Media Research is instigating the research yourself (chatrooms, surveys) with a MROC platform. You could leverage other pre-existing platform (like Facebook) to generate insights... And I agree that Social Media research techniques will expand quickly.
Excellent piece here Mike, and agree with a lot of what you're saying. I think a LOT of people here haven't yet embraced the true potential of a interactive E-book per se, and the potential to combine media rich/interactive content with a book has hardly been touched yet. Unlike other industries, I think the publishing industry will adapt a lot quicker and have a far more longitudinal impact.
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Hey Luc, Great blog, thanks for popping by Social Wizz too. There's a wealth of awesome information here.. Praz
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And apologies for commenting randomly out of nowhere, got absorbed in excitement when I found your blog. "Perhaps the Internet Age demands a new kind of Noble Peace Prize winner. Someone like Yoani Sanchez."-I certainly attest to this, and feel it maybe a matter of time only.. P
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Loved JUMP POINT-absolutely brilliant. A small tribute i've paid to the book on my blog Social Wizz via a review :) Cheers, Praz
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Great piece Ray, like this lijne quite a lot... "the clever bit is not creating a community, it is not even in populating it, it is in turning the community into insight, and that will not get cheaper in 2010" Cheers
Hi Ray, Thank you for the incisive response, certainly helps put a few things in to perspective in differentiating between the two... As for the question "How many communities do you think the average citizen will be a member of in the future?" , to be honest , to be honest I'd never quite thought about it like that, but if there were an community for every brand/product out there, followed on by sub-brands and sub-niches then the sky's the limit. The question of attention does come to my mind, ideally how many communities can a member be a part of (including writing actively on blogs) and maintain it on-going and doing it justice? Guess it would really depend on the brand. I contribute to 11 (some actively, some randomly) at the moment overall which has increased over a period of time and feel that's the right amount, however in saying that, if a community came out which really took my interest I'm sure i'd find time to fit it in. Thanks again Ray, Praz
Nice one Joseph (it's @prazhari from Twitter here). 75% through your book btw... On the related topic, Social Media cannot belong to just HR, in my view that defeats the entire purpose of collaboration and transparency if there's one "gatekeeper" keeping an eye over it..... There should be etiquettes and guide-lines for Community managers and bloggers (which should probably be run past HR) but they shouldn't be solely responsible for it....
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Well said Nigel, the globalization aspect of Social Media really is exciting and being able to join the conversation with so many people, on the related/similar subjects is changing the way we work entirely.
I quiet like Research Live as well. which aways has some very timley updates and industry related articles. Also I had a specific question relating to MROC's in general, given that Social Media is now becoming more mainstream (Daemon Group predicts Social Media will be mainstream in Australia by June for Business use), what do you see as the key benefit for a "Research Only" Community as opposed to just a "General Community"? Ideally, Social Media should be integrated in to the core operations and functions of how a business operates, and a Community (along with a Twitter account, FB page, company blog be it Corporate or otherwise) should be integral to a company, however shouldn't the Community ultimately be generic rather than just for "research"? And how does that fit in with other departments like advertising/marketing/P.R who could also leverage the community.....what in the end is the key difference between a MROC and any other Community?
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