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We are constantly being out manoeuvred by the left and failing to see more than one or two moves ahead on the chess board. 48 hours ago most people thought the Lib Dems had no choice but to support us thus certain Conservatives wanted to go it alone and not give in to any Lib Dem demands. Today we assume that a Lib-Lab coalition will collapse into chaos: Neil Kinnock is now on BBC1 news explaining how minority Governments survived throughout the 70s (Of course he fails to mention the utter devastation this period brought about). There is no guarantee that a Lib-Lab coalition will collapse – do not assume it will. Moreover, there now remains the risk that these two parties will put together a fix that sees an alternative voting system in place that marginalises the right forever. Blow the national interest on the economy this lot want a revolutionary change in the political landscape. Do the maths: On the basis of this month’s results and the last few decades election results PR would ensure we remain out of power forever at the mercy of a Lab-Lib coalition.
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If Clegg backs Brown then there's nothing Cameron can do about it unless he calls a vote of no confidence in the Queen's speech and relies on Blunkett, Reid and their chums to vote it down. This has risks as a tired nation may think it churlish that the Conservatives are trying to vote down a so-called stable Govt. The only way forward in the short-term, if we are to govern, is for a Con - Lib pact. When Labour go on TV saying their position is democratically justified because more people voted for a 'progressive alliance' then we should be arguing millions more voted for anti-authoritarian, anti-statist, anti top down control, anti - localist politicians ie what the Conservatives and Liberals believe in at heart. When Tories defect they go to the Lib Dems not generally Labour - we should be arguing there's more in common than against us when it comes to core beliefs. Hopeing a Lib-Lab pact will collapse into chaos is high risk. We always mistake assuming the up side will be with us and then get trumped by Labour as we have done in recent hours! A Lib - Con pact needs to be encouraged and fought for over the next few hours.
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Con 331, Lab 229, Lib 67
Toggle Commented May 6, 2010 on Your General Election predictions at thetorydiary
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The anti-Brown, anti 50p tax rate, Greg Pope stood down to be replaced by jurassic socialist Graham Jones: Interestingly, even Jones admits the game's up for Gordon: I would hazard a guess that there will be a Lib-Con coalition whilst Labour enters a Leadership contest in opposition. My own personal view is even if the Labour vote goes up, Gordon will not manage to do enough to save his job.
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May 3, 2010