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Per usual, late to the party, but this is lovely!
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2014 on Same Song, Different Verse at Leigh Kramer
Every time I read something like this, I immediately thank God that my parents brought me up in the crazy, wonderful evangelical world by scoping out the spirituality of the churches we attended, because I have NEVER heard that expression. I'm mortified. Your reflection is just right, Amy. My goodness, how ridiculous!
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2011 on A Time of Silence at Ordinarily Extraordinary
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Looking forward to having you back, Amy!
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2011 on Blog Break at Ordinarily Extraordinary
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It's like the fingernail of God scraping inside the soul. Yes, I do think there are times when He's made us to be restless and there is some good purpose in it, even when it's just an agony over the brokeness of the world. Some people were made to sense that more than others. It's a strange gift, a strange blessing.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2011 on Unrest at Ordinarily Extraordinary
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I love The Civil Wars! If you want some folksy hymns at some point, check out Ordinary Time. They are often coupled in my playlists with The Civil Wars.
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"The strange thing is, I don't even really know Who God Is. I grew up with a very distorted view of Him and I still haven't put all the pieces in place. My view of God is partial, at best. Still, it seems that receiving His grace is not dependent on my having all the answers." YES. Easily one of my favorite things you've written as of late. When I was talking with NT Wright last week, one of the things that came up was the joy you have when you first realize (and then re-realize over and over and over again) how infinite God really is and there is always something more to discover. Equally, it's a joy to watch as other people, who had such closed views in the past, suddenly see that as well. I cannot help but think of all the people who have grown up in fundie worlds that have stumbled by His grace across your blog only to have their own sudden moments of realizing how much more their is to our Saviour. You make a very good signpost, Elizabeth. Blessings again and again!
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2010 on Why I go to Confession at
I have a friend who describes certain wonderful things she reads in two ways: the first response is to want to lick the pages (I suppose, in this space, the screen) because the whole of it seems like it would just taste good because the everything of it was that good; the second is that, because the first is rather nonsensical, to just offer the transcendent and heartfelt "YES," which simply says that there is an infinity of reasons why this is so wonderful and good, but trying to describe them would be impossible. It simply is Good. This is one of those times. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!
Elizabeth, I told you earlier today that every time I read you, I think of the quote from Mother Theresa, and this post is no exception. Quite honestly, in many ways it may as well be the rule. It's remarkable for me to read the clear suffering that you have endured. Not suffering in any sense of desiring to draw attention to yourself, but the honest suffering that is only expressed well by someone willing to shed pretense in favor of Christ's openness. My Mother has suffered for twelve years with a chronic, horrendously painful disease. Though the two worlds are different in some ways, the anguish, loss, challenge, foolishness of some people who "know exactly what you're going through because they had a friend once who . . .," and all the rest that comes with it are very similar. All that is to say, the reason this kind of post is the rule for seeing God's love letter through your hand is that you crashed with your paper wings and yet you still found your way back to Him. I don't care one blankity blank bit what a fundamentalist thinks they know about grace. I watch and experience grace each time someone who has gone through what you have still boldly claims the love of Christ. That is grace in motion, that is grace that proves the existence of things hoped for. Keep going, my brave Sister-in-Christ, because you're slaying dragons through your willingness to love in spite of all the unloving, and He's moving in the waters you stir.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2010 on My Opinion is God's Opinion at
First of all, thank you so much for your honesty. It can be hard to admit, even when it's just to the void of the Internet, that we struggle and sometimes we struggle to our core. Your bravery and boldness are glimpses of hope when it comes to our human-ness. We forget the human-ness sometimes. I went through a rough patch last semester and even though I felt the peace of the Spirit I didn't feel the joy. I was 'encouraged' by trite and simple-minded people that being a Christian and more importantly, because this is more important than Christ Himself, apparently, because I was SAVED that meant I should be happy. No Hell for me, so life is a piece of cake. But as a medievalist who's also protestant, I look at this world as much more like purgatory. We fight on, we pursue. But sometimes, a lot of times, it can really, really suck. Jesus hasn't walked away, we know it, but His presence still doesn't make it all magically ok. Struggling is part of it and struggling in community, openly, honestly, is a rare and forgotten blessing in the Church. We kind of dismiss the pain nowadays, fear the discomfort of others. It's a sad distortion of the Gospel. So you are prayed for, authentically and by a brother in Christ, by a community of believers that have already come before me and those who will come after, that you do not simply "get well." Rather, I pray that the Spirit heals all physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, that He continues to give you the strength for the climb, that you are ever-aware of His presence, that the simplest things become saving joys, that doctors would have wisdom, that your family would have understanding, that your heart would have patience, and the list goes on. You are lifted up, held up by the great network of prayer, the great community of the shared Faith.
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Apr 19, 2010