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To me it looks like they want to ban confusing lists of apps within other apps, streamining the user experience - which is good for the end user. It doesn't seem to entirely rule out cross-promotion, since you can still put a banner in a game, referring to an other game. Also, companies who can afford spending a lot on advertising, will still have an advantage; they'll just need to use other tricks to differentiate. In the end, I don't think it will become more easy for indie developers: if you have a lower marketing budget, you need to be more creative and original in terms of marketing - just what indies are typically deemed good at. I believe is rule will always remain - no matter which changes would be made to Apple's review guidelines.
Could be interesting when doing a physics puzzle game, to verify that the puzzles can still be solved after tweaking the physics (if it's not too difficult to set up the tests - wich would depend on the input required).
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Feb 18, 2012