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John Prichard4
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How would you catagorize things such as ESP, remote viewing or the near death experiences? I believe that not all hunches are correct but would not put that in the same catagory as true intuition. There were some very compelling studies done on remote viewing by Berkley University years ago that found a select group of people DO exhibit amazing abilities not to mention the occasional usage by police orginizations to find clues to missing people. I'm not trying to make an arguement for spiritualism or any religion or higher power. I simply think there are things about the human experience that can't be explained nor discounted as irrational. Haven't you ever said to yourself " Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have done that"? or felt someone staring at you? Your thoughts?
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Very interesting blog you have here. I applaud you for being a free thinker and debating the plausability of religious belief. I, myself fall somewhere between the terms atheist and agnostic. There is certainly alot about this world and existence that we dont nor will ever understand. What I believe in is always open to be redefined by new input of information and experience but I certainly know what I don't believe in.... and that is religion of any sort. There are just some things that defy explanation. Once a person thinks they know the truth they close their mind to all other possible explinations. Keep up the good work by provoking people to think about what they truely believe. If you can't defend your position rationally, then it isn't a very rational position
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Dec 23, 2010