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Really enjoyed reading ... thanks for taking the time to share.
Indeed there are a number of elements that your post touches on, here are some quick thoughts to consider . . a) I certainly feel for your Dad. There is a great lesson others can gain from your sharing this story, which is that it is imperative within a free market to not take your customers or partners for granted (assume a perpetual relationship). Meaning ongoing and regular communication is critical. Also carefully note the risk inherent in putting all (or a majority) of one's eggs in one basket. b) Also important is to not form broad opinions or make blanket judgments based on the illegal acts of a few free market crooks. Call them out by name and let them get there just punishment for their crimes. However, their crimes should not result in reduced opportunities or a bad name for those who follow the rules and make positive contributions. Too many are too quick to blame free market capitalism and too easily forget that it gives the most opportunities to discover, increase & realize any economy's full potential to provide the best life for the most citizens. All the best to your Dad's business and to you as you help him chart a favorable direction for the futue. Respectfully, Chris Hopf @pricing
RE: Assertion #1 and #2 A particular segment seems to relate to you quite well, so I am glad you finally are saying what others have said for quite some time now. Your post is a perfect example of getting messaging right for different audiences. Your message is nothing new, but your style resonates with an audience that will benefit from that underlying message. For that, thanks. RE: Assertion #3 Interesting thoughts on where this is going and why. It could happen much earlier and your post could wake some up to new thinking and accelerated next steps in this area.
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Feb 2, 2010