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Interests: Knitting(!), tailoring, reading, swimming, movies, some gardening, cooking, and baking.
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That is one terrific looking apartment. I loved living in the city and being able to take advantage of all the things it had to offer--and I'm sure you will too.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2012 on New Place at Yarn Crawl
Hi, Robin: Surprisingly, it doesnt look as bad as curtains as I expected it to, although I couldnt help but consider what was she thinking? when I found it in my mothers fabric stash. I needed shade cloth for my lettuce because the summer heat is too much for it, and the stuff you buy for shade cloth is expensive and not cut for garden rows (it is designed for greenhouses). I now have a great use for these after theyre down. Ive been swamped with work, and have a chapter due tomorrow on the anatomy book (and it is looking really iffy about making that date). I started reading your blog entries and got interrupted--in the midst of all that is going on, my phones went dead and the Verizon guy was here to fix the connection. So I now have a new phone--a corded base with cordless extensions--that I have to figure out how to use. A part of me longs for the day when you simply plugged the damn thing into the wall and it worked. But it replaces my answering machine too, and once I get it set up with call waiting and all the frills that FIOS offers, I know Ill be delighted. The person Im working with on the anatomy book is an old colleague, and she has been really patient with me during fall-winter conflicts and the repairs, but now she is going nuts because the book is getting close to production, and I dont want to disappoint her. It is really one of the toughest things Ive worked on for a while, but very engrossing. And jury duty really is looming. I need to get ahead on this so when I get the new summons, I can take the time off without screwing up the book. Ill get back to your blog tonight and finish looking at all the terrific vacation pictures.
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Mar 15, 2010