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my sister emailed me the link to your flickr account. amazing, amazing organizational skills!
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2008 on How did you find me? at Chez Larsson
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we had an amazing playhouse in our backyard. you name it, we played it. from collecting the moss on the shady side to use as blankets for our little dolls, using an old wheelbarrow as a sink to wash our dishes in (way before west nile!), we used to pick the gooseberries that grew along the fence at my neighbors yard - and eat them just like that or make them in to pretend pies. my brother and his friend kept pet turtles beside the play house for a while and built tree houses i (to this day) think they used for the sole purpose of spying on what the girls were doing. we'd ride bikes and catch fireflies, drink pink lemonade on the front porch swing. spent all day at the pool or running through the willy the waterbug sprinkler. much better than my summer days spent in the office now! liz
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2008 on i love dirt! - review & a giveaway at SouleMama
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