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Terri Paulson-Sasaki
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Thank you so much for the compliment. It is much appreciated Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2010 on Dr. Seuss at Live
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Mar 15, 2010
I am from southern California. Stephanie Ackerman sent me over. Love it. I already read your other blog.
Oh please get the book done. As u can see I need to make 3. Thanks for the compliments Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2009 on Jury Duty at Live
I'm working on 2 of them right now. My multi-color one got a lot done on it yesterday when hubbie was playing golf. The one I really want to finish - not very far. I am doing a cable one and need to pay attention. You did a great job on yours, can't wait to see the white one.
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I will send your pictures as soon as I am done. I really love the way it is turning out so far. I am doing a cable pattern in a fern green color.
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Thank you, I appreciate the help. I thought about making it about the size, because it looks squishy, LOL. It is very cute. I am starting a photography business, also. During the day I teach 1st grade and the other teachers have encouraging me. We have year round school in southern california, so I have been crocheting hats like crazy and started a cocoon. I can't wait to finish, I have a couple of baby shoots coming up. Thanks again for the information. Have a nice day. Terri
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The ring is beautiful, but worth the hassle. I saw the knitted cocoon you made for Lisa, how long did you make it? I am making one also, but not sure of the length, thanks.
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I love the frames, they look really big.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2008 on i'm ready! at live and learn
As I read this post, I am crying. Crying about the conversation with your mom. Yesterday, when I left work I said good-bye to a co-worker and felt a weird feeling. Like would this be the last time thought I would ever see her. My dreams last night were of my son's best friend that was killed in Iraq 18 months ago. I had 3 different dreams of him, all different. Then of a one of my football kids with no face. This morning I read this. Is something going to happen to someone I love or to me? I haven't been feeling well and need to get to the doctor. Or are these signs coming to me because I am too crazy busy that I don't even have time to breathe and need to slow down and quit telling everyone yes. I'm not sure, sorry for rambling - I needed to get it out there. Have fun in southern Ca. I wish I could be there, but I have way too much football to get through.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2008 on December 2nd INSPIRATION at TERESA COLLINS