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I agree with Blair when he says "Let's hope that this incident does not derail the excellent work that the district is doing by putting technology into the hands of the students and teachers." The district certainly needs to be held accountable if they have broken the law, but short of that I shudder at the loss of time and energy spent on controversies such as this. Hundreds of hours of everyone's time and loads of lost good will. As a principal I know, these events have a "memory" that can linger unless educators in that district step up and put a good foot forward for the sake of the students.
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Some students get the big idea. I hosted an on-line survey for my students about grades and honor roll and got this comment- "Grades mean nothing. So many students cheat on homework, tests, and even final exams. Grades therefor do not truly reflect intellect in all individuals."
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As a supportive principal, I still need teachers like you Matt to drag me to their classrooms saying - look at this, see how technology is supporting teaching and learning. This gives me real examples to take to my superintendent and School Board.
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Jan 20, 2010