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Great recommendations, thanks for sharing! I have a few vacation days coming up, so I'm always up for movie recommendations. I especially like old classic films that depict how the PR or journalism profession were "back in the day" so I think The Sweet Smell of Success is right up my alley :)
These are interesting cases--thanks for sharing them! I think it's difficult to effectively convey humor or sarcasm over 140 characters, so even the best attempt at humor may fall flat on Twitter. That's the chance you take when you do so on a corporate Twitter account, but it doesn't always have to fail. The key is to listen to your followers' reactions and recognize if something was interpreted the wrong way.
This is a good perspective to add to the discussion, Steve--thanks for sharing it! Although I was a print journalism graduate, I barely cut it as a reporter before moving into PR, so I was too green to be quite as edgy as the reporters some folks have been citing in this debate. As such, I can't really say if one is better than the other, but your colleague makes a good point about editors often having more of a big picture perspective on how to operate a business. Will be interesting to see what others think of his angle.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on An editor’s POV at RepMan
These are brutal but often close to the truth for many of us who work in the client-serving industry. I used to work in pharmaceutical PR/marketing, so imagine how much worse social media clients are in a regulated industry! Great list because at least it makes us feel like we're not alone in our frustrations. I guess it points to the amount of education we need to do with our cilent on social media.
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Apr 27, 2011