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I'm glad to read posts like yours, Bob, and Jeremy's because I found myself indifferent to this issue when it blew up last week. Unlike others in the field, I don't think "PR will pay" for any of this because it's most likely only going to stay in our professional circles and maybe into a case study book some day. PR has always had to deal with image issues, but what else is new? I think you hit on an interesting aspect of it, though, with the fact that some reporters seem to revel in outing PR pitches and their clients. It does nothing to help further relations between the two sides, who clearly need each other in their respective jobs.
Oh my word, that is a horrendous story! I worked for a few years in the PR agency world and loathed entering for awards, maybe because I am midwestern and modest. But I think awards makes clients and agencies focus on the wrong aspect of their work. I had an experience where a particular unpleasant client saw it fit to design campaigns with awards in the strategy and wrote the amount of awards won into our agency's evaluation. It's when awards overtake the core objective of a campaign that it gets sickening. There's nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due, but to expect you deserve it because you designed a campaign as such is a little egotistical.
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May 20, 2011