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All what they have taken from us, we must destroy them, Presidency,Airports, Cartier Generale, Ministries, Roads, hospitals, Government offices, Markets, schools, a guerilla style will be implemented for them to feel that stealing is not good. How long have we been under bondages 44years (Long before I was born). Freedom has come and it comes in a nutshell.
If you fight nor you don't fight to liberate our land from La Republique, we are going to die one day. I will love to die as a hero than a coward and seeing our children downline begging for what belong to them. Watch Ma space!!
Little said than done. We shouldn't talk of Fru Ndi nor Paul Biya, who are very corrupt and undemocratized to the core. The question I earlier put on this forum, what do we do to take what belong to us, The Southern Cameroons? Aren't we ashame that we speak, write, drink and sleep over our on destinies? What if we engage on a combat and take what belongs to us? People, we should remember that the so-called Biya nor Fru Ndi are there for their own gains and interests, I have no love nor respect for them, as time will come that they will decide what is right for them. I would like to urge any son and daugther of the struggle to take up arms and regain our land. Our wealth, natural resources, our images, reputations, prides and you name the rest are managed by so-call La Republique. Shame again to all those who are mere writers of confusion in this forum. If we have convictions to liberate and take what belongs to us, contact me SO IT WILL HAPPEN!!!
Anyone who is interested in the liberation of Ambazonia by the only means of true liberation can contact me on impulzetek[a] WE HAVE BEEN IN BONDAGE FOR MORE THAN 40 YRS AND WE STILL SMILE WITH OUR ENEMY. Where on earth that someone who doesn't speak or understand your language becomes a king in your land, tell me.? Let the struggle for freedom / liberation fall short to our people.
Hi my dear Ambazonians, I delighted after this great search to land on this blog commenting on our cries. The article that reads: NO ELECAM, No Election tells a great tale. I for one is strongly against Ni John Fru as he is not practising democracy within his party (how long has been in that sea). One thing for sure is that Mr. Fru Ndi is there for his own personal interest not that of the Ambazonians. I will like to point it clear that we (AMBAZONIANS) are not going to rest until will have our independent state from Cameroun be it through peace or by war. I will discourage all people of AMBAZONIA not to register and vote. War will loom soon, why now do you thing Biya and his crews will get things right for AMBAZONIA people. We are long overdue to break these continuous sufferings. A good question to all Ambazonians: When we start a cvil war to liberate our Nation, will you give your support?