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Madam Procrastinatia
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Most memorable places I have stood... - on the Great Wall of China - at the top of the tallest building in Tokyo, and later Shanghai - on the border between North and South Korea in the DMZ - Ely, Nevada (If you get the chance to go here - DON'T)
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2010 on On Standing at Slice of Pink
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I try to figure out what is blocking my from achieving my goals - sometimes it's plain old stinkin' thinkin' - and figure out a way around them. Also, being held accountable on my blog & with friends really gets me to push that extra bit when I feel like giving up. Happy workouts!
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2010 on Pure Motivation at reviews
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"Davis?" Is there such a place?
Toggle Commented May 30, 2010 on Revisiting 05.30.07 at Slice of Pink
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you're welcome. By the way, you should thank Will, too. hahahahnojustkidding - Seriously, Will is the awesomest and it's great to see someone I care so much about with someone I care so much about. You two together make me happy!! Here's to a summer filled with more wine and laughs!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2010 on Merci Beaucoup at Slice of Pink
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May 21, 2010