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i don't know, I've thought about this a lot, and whether there was fanfiction before copyright really depends on what you mean by it. I've argued that before copyright, what we now think of as writing fanfiction was more like general writing pracice. There were stories, and characters (or at least figures) and people told them, the question was whether they told them better or worse. It's not like all those romance writers thought there was an original Arthur "author," and they were writing versions of his story that had less claim to it. Authorship, or writership, did change with changing models of intellectual property, distribution, and profitability--just like fan writing practices have changed with the internet from, say, amateur Sherlock Holmes pastiche--it's much more collaborative now, and it does have a different "feel" when it isn't, I think. So from that perspective--to the extent that fanfiction implies the existence of an original, fixed, authorized source text---no, it hasn't always been around. To the extent that it means telling in and out and around existing stories, then yes, Shakespeare and Homer and Mallory were all big ficcers
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I loved the movie but do think your points on the depiction of New York under attack are good ones. It's obviously not cinematic realism, but a few shots of stoic citizen heroes wouldn't have hurt.
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