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Nothing wrong with long boards. The issue is the way they are mis-used by some. Specifically, riding in traffic without appropriate safety gear, without consideration for traffic laws, en-mass against traffic after dark (old post road), etc. This is not a universal problem, but one with sufficient occurrences that some sort of action is required. The ideal answer would be for parents to take their children appropriately in hand. Some do, but many have no clue what’s going on.
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Wait, Friends of the RCSD are kidding, right? They must be otherwise how could they say that "an additional $775,000 was cut from this year's budget"? The way I read it, the budget has been increased by almost $1million, not cut. Spending is to be higher next year, not lower.
I'm personally highly motivated to vote for this budget because I know that all of my and at least a few of my neighbors' increased property taxes will be used to pay for false alarms - a truly valuable education expense.
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May 13, 2010