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There was an eerie similarity between the campaign to discredit Jimmy Carter after his book on Palestine, and the whisper campaign against Barack Obama as a secret Muslim intent on destroying Israel through friends like Power, Malley, Brezinski, and so on. It may be that Dershowitz and CAMERA's misrepresentations of Carter as a tool of saudi anti-semites etc were much more media-friendly than the assortment of cranks attacking Obama, or Carter didn't matter, while Obama does, but given how jewish grassroots groups were able to block the slurs on Obama so he won with 78% of the J-vote, maybe its time to start up a "Jews For Jimmy" to fight to rehabilitate his reputation after that 2006 smear campaign.
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you might enjoy these image responses to McCain's banner ad:
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2008 on McCain's Obama/Ahmadinejad ad at Brendan Nyhan
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seems to me that Ron Paul should join forces with Bob Barr on the republican-libertarian ticket.
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