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Professor Merryman
Kobe, Japan
Leader of English education change
Interests: Teaching, education, technology, virtual worlds...AND FOOD!
Recent Activity
GREAT! Another hype cycle coming. Love it! The people who are involved in this could possibly, actually, maybe, stir the right momentum to get some ground breakers interested enough in investing their time in this. We all know this could revolutionize the world of gaming and education in so many ways. The problem is that we can’t get the right people in the right position to actually make it happen. It costs money to make money. Risk is something you do in your 30s. OK. They will certainly get the message that pay-for-kitely-play won’t work, BUT what they ARE learning is the possible ROI (Return On Investment) by proposing a pricing model beyond what they think the consumer will pay yet somewhat realistic in order to find their break even point. Look, one of the best ways to seek out new game market pricing, in my lowly bachelor of eBusiness thinking, is to do a press release from some major names and then gauge the market's response. They’re doing that now. *I’m not entirely sure who we are dealing with here, so give me some latitude. For me, as an educator (M.ed.) and gamer, I can only hope they will follow a pricing model that is simply geared towards revenue made from players in-game. The rest can be cloud based. Heck…make me a server. When I’m online, I’d be happy to give up 200MB of CPU or whatever. I’m hopeful LL will understand that they have a HUGE support group. I’m sad they won’t reach out to us to make all of this happen in-house. Hey LL, you’d be surprised what the world will do for you!
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Mar 5, 2014