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Craig Conley
"Some kind of quirky genius of unlikely scholarship" -Geof Huth
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Some items of Tarot interest from our main website: A page of swords as an exterminator A knight of swords with a night rainbow A fool in a lightning storm A page of cups toasts the starry sky A page of swords greets the rising sun A tarot party in... Continue reading
Really interesting to see how P.T. Murphy handles his albeit very, very small number of poor reviews over on Trip Adviser (his reviews are overwhelmingly very positive, but there is the very occasional grumpy audience member). He answers them all, most often with humor, occasionally with blunt directness in kind, and here and there he even offers to guarantee a better time if they return for another show. I found his approach exemplary.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2018 on Two important Galena visiting tips at Gordon Meyer
Yes, the title really is this long: Pencil Witch: Gems Gathered from the Mysteries Hidden for Ages, Under the Guidance of the Unseen Hand. Illustrated & Made Plain with as Few Occult Phrases as Possible. Every pencil is mystical, for consider the interplays: light, warm wood encases dark, cool carbon,... Continue reading
Because this blog is discovered only by the most exclusive few, here's the link to the secrets of spontaneously expanding one's quivering entangled vibrations: Continue reading
[From our Abecedarian blog.] Whether or not we define ghosts as living memories that share the circulations of our bodies (though why not?), we are all of us, no matter how skeptical or credulous, haunted. We are perhaps more haunted and overburdened by ghosts than we care or dare to... Continue reading
We're reading the latest Tim Powers novel, Alternate Routes, (about people who can see ghosts, about spirit radio communications, and about how there are at least dozens of people in Los Angeles who are alive). Speaking of ghosts … we once (and just did again) tried to track down who... Continue reading
Here are my secrets for landing a major book deal, even if you don't have a best-selling idea, weren't born into the right families, and don't work very hard: Continue reading
Pictured, we're listening to the whispers of a standing stone at Portmeirion, Wales, part of our research for the Tarot of Portmeirion deck and book. We're delighted by a new review of that project: The Trump L’Oeil Tarot of Portmeirion is an exciting Tarot experiment that cannot be missed in... Continue reading
From our Abecedarian blog: There's a weird magick hack you can use to discover more favorite music. You've heard the Faustian stories of musicians like folk legend Robert Johnson who stood at a crossroads and sold his soul to the devil for guitar-playing prowess. Well ... He's not the only... Continue reading
Here's a bookplate that turns the owner of a book into a wizard. From The Art of Modern Conjuring, For Wizards of All Ages by Henri Garenne, 1886. See Machinarium Verbosus: A Curiosity Cabinet of Gadgets to Transform Any Book & Reader, To Be Sure. Continue reading
Here's our proof that we are all ghosts: In the video, we illustrate our proof through Papa Emeritus, leader of the Swedish doom metal band Ghost, who presents as a zombie anti-pope but is in fact something else. In the 1930s, the same era that Ghost's Meliora album evokes,... Continue reading
A vintage fortune-telling weight scale -- its penny vault unlocked for the first time in years or even decades. Can you guess how many pennies will cascade out? Or how many rare coins will be among the loot? All the surprising details are revealed, along with some mind-bending esoteric secrets... Continue reading
There’s one parlor that’s more exclusive than the Houdini Seance Chamber in Hollywood's Magic Castle. And through our network of masked contacts in arcane circles, we came into possession of previously uncirculated blueprints and photos of this parlor. As this room is filled with age-old secrets, we thought to analyze... Continue reading
This old Moorish house in the tropics was destroyed by two hurricanes, but what remains is beyond bizarre. Like some sort of wizard's museum, every wall features strange niches protected by antique iron grates, containing things like bottled ghosts, imprisoned gargoyles, hoodoo shrines, haunted radios, and crystal balls. Plus, one... Continue reading
From L'Assiette au Beurre, 1909. Continue reading
From L'Assiette au Beurre, 1909. Continue reading
From L'Assiette au Beurre, 1902. Continue reading
Here's how to use a spooky old mirror to test whether you're dreaming or awake. We didn't know how this video would end ... until we posed a question to the mirror and then had to face the uncanny answer. Continue reading
We had been wondering whether 2018 will be any easier than 2017 was. Because we'd found ourselves in some sort of subterranean dimension these past two years, we used a deck of cards from the U.K. with sections of dungeon maps ( to find out how one can navigate the... Continue reading
Here's a Three of Coins from Kladderadatsch, 1920. Continue reading
From Kladderadatsch, 1922. Continue reading
Here's a young Hermit wandering through a forest of swords: Here's a Fool going over the edge: Here's a Magician who loves birds: Here's a Page of Coins going to the top: Continue reading