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We love you. I miss seeing you here, and on Twitter, and at NAPO events, but I'm always happy to see you on FB, and hope to be out in your neck of the woods some day. Live by your own rules and love every minute of it!
I'd like to be able to sort my queue by multiple variables and not just by the order entered into the system. Sometimes, I'd like to sort by genre and then sub-sort by star ratings; for example, I'd be able to use it to pick the highest rated exercise video. Similarly, I'd like to be able to sort by genre so I could more easily see all the TV series I already have in the queue.
Nifty. I love this series -- it's so nice to get a sense of what all my beloved colleagues' nooks and crannies are like! The kitty and the giant, cheerful froggy are exactly what I'd imagine in Jeri's workspace!
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Aug 17, 2011