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Tit for tat. Back in 2008 the right had thier Larry Sinclair, remember him. Us progressives were quick todiscount his tales. Now the progressives have thier Sharon Bialek. Looks like the same thing is happening. A prominent black man gets accused of something, and automatically to prevent from being accused as a racist, the defenders come out of the woodwork. Politics. If we didnt need it to run this country, it would have been outlawed a long time ago.
No shoes, no death. Qaddafi lives.
I wonder if Mrs Warren ever pondered the question that if the companies she demonizes didnt build its manufaturing plants in her city, would the city have enough money to provide the services she proudly takes credit for.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2011 on Elizabeth warren for reals at BlatherWatch
Some great video from our neighbors in Portland. What a great protest to be a part of.
Funny. Rush needs to stick to his morning radio show and quit trying to be a comedian.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2011 on Rush speaks chinese at BlatherWatch
Never heard of him. Sounds like a kooky fellow.
What? Niggerhead = good. Nigger = bad. What is it Michael that makes the first word better than the second up there.
Sorry Fremont. Yes i need to pay more attention. She did answer my question. I was refering to her not answering a previous question about her support or non-support of the Marines she posted about.
KS, if you did happen to go to the Federal Building in Seattle to ask them protestors as Sparkys said to, you might not have found any. See, they were actually a bout 5-6 blocks away at the Westlake Center. Was i on the mark or what about Sparky and these protests.
No Sparky. Its you who doesnt get it. I did it. Its a shame you have to live your life through others actions. Oh, congradulations.
"Exercising their constitutional right to free speech, letting people know their opinions. Pretty simple." I used the word "Protester". All you did was look the word up up in a dictionary and use its definition. No clue?
So Sparky, why is it so hard to answer a simple question. I dont get it. You posted this so you must have a strong opinion of what they are doing but yet you stay clear of any admission to where you stand. Personally, No. I wouldnt support these Marines. All they are doing is trying to make a situation thats on the breaking point more unstable. We rooted them people out of from our group. We would rather have the "raging grannies" then some bully Marines who think they are the answer because they think we in trouble. If they felt so concerned of our cause, they would have been there from the first day.
I read what the Marines are trying to accomplish. But what are the Protestors trying to accomplish.And that was nowhere in your article you posted. Now do you support those Marines or not.
The Obama Presidency - By The Numbers Now this is what tehm Wall Street protestors should be up in rage about.
It would be interesting to know Sparky if you support such actions by those Marines. I just read an article that these Wall Street protesters when asked if they plan to vote for Obama in 2012, they said yes. Now that tells me that these people are idiots and dont realize that it was Wall Street that gave Obama the Presidency with thier donations. With that said, what are they trying to accomplish.
Reports of Hispanic Students Vanishing From Alabama Schools After Immigration Ruling With the Tacoma teachers strike having ended already i cant help but wonder if Alabama's cracking down on illegal immigration would have been an acceptable method for the teachers union to bring down the class sizes.
Another gaffe from the mighty one. “If Asking Billionaires to pay the same tax rate as a JEW… Uh… As a Janitor”
Y'know Sparky, i hope Coiler reads that. But even if he does i dont see him changing his opinion of Chucks or anyone else who is not a Progressive. As for "peoples rights". They are only as good as what the majority in power thinks they should be. As a teacher you should be aware of this concept (as should Rachel) as throughout history "rights" have been given and taken from individuals and groups many times. Without a vote.
PSB, i'm not sure if he is a citizen or not. For one he most likely and privately re-nounced his citizenship when he joined Al-Queda. Mighteven be a requirement to join that terror group. And 2, i never seen his birth certificate so most likely he never was a citizen.
Looks like Sparky didnt even read the Gawker story. If she did this would have stood out as a red flag as to whether this is true or not. "Mulvey retired as commissioner in April. When we called him for comment, he seemed to be aware of the case. "I don't know if the investigation is ongoing or concluded," he said, "so I wouldn't comment. But I will tell you this much: I was never contacted by Bill O'Reilly or anyone associated with him and asked to launch an investigation." Not to mention that not one of the main characters in this story even acknowledes its truthfulness. So funny.
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2011 on Billo Reilly, cuckhold? sweet. at BlatherWatch
Porn is better. Anyone who thinks otherwise will most likely vote for Obama in 2012 as this is clearly a re-election campaign sermon.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2011 on Sunday morning sermon at BlatherWatch
No Mr. Hood. What is funny is you critizing the same satire you write. Now thats funny.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2011 on Jason antebi: did KIRO vet this guy? at BlatherWatch
Did i hear right today that MSNBC had Mayor Nagin on air to discuss Hurricane preparedness.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2011 on Jason antebi: did KIRO vet this guy? at BlatherWatch
Alpha, seems you and bronxdude, that poster from the Huffpo you quoted have something in common. You both rail against Beckish conspiracies yet stick to your own conspiracy that the rich are taking over the world. So funny.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2011 on Fox news hates america at BlatherWatch
Progressives using the race card. Nothing new here. Anyone ever hear of Rev. Wright?
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2011 on Fox news hates america at BlatherWatch