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Hi Andrew, How nice to meet someone who can articulate ideas in such an organised manner. It's put in to context the way I work intuitively. great work.
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Jon, great site and great observations. I am admiring your work! I absolutely agree with you that you don't need visuals to give a presentation. But it's so rare to have the talent and the time to know your topic so well to hold an audience with just words. Most people could never achieve this level of competence. A professional comedian, an after dinner speaker and maybe some politicians achieve this level of comfort in speaking. It's not a right or wrong issue but speaking without visuals is a bit like listening to the radio. Some people prefer it but the TV is more engaging for most. I admire Scott for talking without visuals but go on admit it, you know you could have added some memorability to the points he was making with just a few visuals? Warm regards Gary
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Oct 8, 2010