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Allah doesn't exist. "It" is just Mahound's imaginary alter-ego.
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Of course LARD Nazir Ahmed had to try to blame the great job that mahoundians do of demonizing themselves on somoene else. Nothing more typical of such muslim scum. Always blaming others and not taking responsibility for anything THEY do...
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Jun 3, 2010
There's been no more disgusting display of dhimmitude, (obviously) in the protests that took place in the French-speaking part of Switzerland (probably in one of the four cantons that voted for surrender), than a banner that read "we're all muslims", which I saw on the SF.Tagesschau website. That's about as low and as vomit-inducing a sign as I've ever seen.
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"As he was taken away to serve his sentence Nachet screamed: "I want to go back to my country. I want to go back to Morocco. This is not right. I want to be sentenced in Morocco. This is racist." Mein Qurampf 33:59 tells the followers of allah (mahound's imaginary alter-ego) that mahoundian non-penis-possessing, jihadist-breeding half-male mobile tents (individuals known as WOMEN in civilized corners of this planet where they have the same legal status as men) should shroud themselves in order to "be identified as 'troo-beeleevares™' and, therefore, not be molested." In other words, Mein Qurampf, that hate-filled door-stopper originated in Arabia, says that non-mahoundian women CAN BE RAPED BY "DA TROO BEELEEVARES™". That's why that piece-of-shi'ite rapist wants to be sentenced in its (not his) native Morocco, where it would never be found guilty of raping a non-mahoundian woman; there, Moroccan "judges" would confirm that dirtbag's quranic "right" to rape and do whatever it pleases with non-mahoundians (including, among other things, murdering them or selling/"owning" them as slaves.)
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Oct 12, 2009
I suppose that NuLabour would have everyone regard this despicable act by "Asians" following the example of their piece=of-shit, pseudo-prophet pedophile mahound not as the heinous crime that it is, but as an opportunity to "celebrate the wonders of multiculturalism." I've read in recent times a lot of comments by Brits who can't take this crap anymore that the UK is like a pressure cooker from which no steam has been let out for way too long, and it's about to explode. When it finally does, I hope none of those cowardly Porki bastards will get off the hook scot free.
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Oct 10, 2009
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Oct 10, 2009
The "hidden-pearl" crap doesn't refer to the FEMALE VIRGINS. It's actually about THE VIRGIN BOYS THAT WILL A**-F**K "da troo beeleevares™" in the mahoundian heaven for eternity. It's in Mein Qurampf/The glory-ass quran 76:19. That fat, bloated, good-for-nothing clerical tapeworm doesn't even know what's in its (not his) Mein Qurampf right, hahahahahahaha!
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Mahoundian standards of bravery again, for the whole world to see what pussies, sissy-bitches "da troo beelevares" are. A lone mahoundian male only has the guts to get into a one-on-one fight against either a woman or a child. To face a lone non-mahoundian (a.k.a. human being) male, mahoundians need to be in a group of at least six Mein-Qurampf readers (make that 12 mahound-worshippers if we're talking about them trying to face someone like Raymond Ibrahim.)
I used to think that once mahoundianism became the dominant political ideology in a place, the apex of the typical process of "opensewerization" of that spot would have been reached, as mahoundianism's inherent ability to lay complete waste to everything it comes in contact with would have worked all of its "magic" by then. Well, I guess my thoughts were dead wrong. There are simply no limits to how far that ability to destroy everything can be taken by mahound-worshippers.
"I thought this bastard Megrahi was supposed to be on his "death bed"? I suppose that now that the freed mass-murderer has got access to bucketloads of the most effective kind of mahoundian medicine ever "discovered", CAMEL URINE, supposedly prescribed by "prophet" Mahound itself (not himself) to its followers in Medina, no wonder that the supposedly terminal cancer has gone into remission. At least, the "terminal" bit is what the UK dhimmi political elites (especially that scumbag Kenny MacAskill) and press would have you believe, if there has ever really been any cancer at all to speak of.
Oops, I should have written "But, going back to mahoundian bravery standards, this zebibah-displyaing scumbag would never HAVE had the guts to face another lone MALE in a fight."
Again, the usual mahoundian standards of "bravery"; just like their own piece-of-shit prophet Mahound, who had a poetess assassinated because her poetry exposing what a con-artist IT (not HE) was "hurt its feelings"; just like cartoons, but not using dynamite as suppository intended to kill non-mahoundians, hurt ITS followers' feelings. But, going back to mahoundian bravery standards, this zebibah-displyaing scumbag would never had had the guts to face another lone MALE in a fight. IT (not HE) would go running, screaming like ITS victims, to the nearest Porki food joint to call for help from another dozen sissy bitches just like ITSELF. If ITS buddies were there to help, then we'd see all of ITS bravery back, but only if they outnumbered a single kafir 13-to-1 at least. How much more of this crap is it going to take for the majority of Britons to start voting overwhelmingly for the BNP, the only British political party which has pledged to do something about it? And will it happen before those Porki parasites, having two dozen kids per wife that they've taken in blatant violations of British anti-polygamy laws and living off the dole like Abu Qatada, end up outnumbering the non-mahoundian, non-Porki and non-Arab members of the UK's population?
That "if Ransom isn't Paid Soon" line sounds to me just like part of Khadija Abdul Crackpot's fund-raising efforts to help her fellow mahound-worshippers. I hope no Canadian official will rob Canadian taxpayers to help line her friends' pockets with jizya; for I'm sure that, so long as no ransom is ever paid, she'll probably keep repeating this crap for the next 20 years, or until her hideout is bombed by a Predator drone, mark my words.
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Thank you Archbishop Rowan Williams and Lord Phillips for your wholehearted dhimmitude and sandal-licking in advocating making this a reality in Britain, since it has and will always contribute enormous good to the UK as a nation... NOT!!!!!!!!! Sharia courts clearly violate gender equality and human rights laws enshrined in the SECULAR constitutions of most Western countries! That should be enough reason to shut them down! But that's not likely to happen, not unless Nick Griffin is living at 10 Downing Street. The NuLabor-dominated British political elite will more than likely wait until those courts number in the thousands, and start handing out sentences demanding amputations and stonings, to start considering shutting them down or send their "judges" packing, all the way back to Porkistan or Saudi Arabia. Or, at best, try to "engage in a dialogue" aimed at "sorting out the differences between sharia law and the British constitution." As if this option would EVER be considered by those blood-thirsty, medieval clerical pigs who want nothing short of the UK becoming a province of their global caliphate of mahoundian swines.
The problem isn't the British people, but their political elites. Even if ordinary Brits managed to put the British-born Swine Choudary in a mail bag and ship him to Porkistan's Swat Valley, foreign secretary David Milliband would probably rent (on taxpayer money) a 747 outfitted with a jacuzzi to take Choudary back to the UK. After all, didn't he spent £ 250.000 to fly Binyam Mahound from Guantanamo Bay to the UK on a luxury private jet, despite the fact that Mahound isn't even a British citizen?
I've tried to post a few URLs here, to rebut that stupid "WE ELIMINATED RACISM 1400 YEARS AGO", but my comments seem to have been automatically deleted. Nevertheless, anyone can see how baseless the claim that "islam/mahound eliminated racism 1400 years ago" is by: - Going to Jihadwatch and, under "by Hugh Fitzgerald", look for "Arab racism and black Muslims" and "Arab Racism and Dissing Obama" - Googling (between quotation marks) "We Arabs are the Epitome of Racism" to find a link to an interview with Abd Al-Bari Atwan on the MEMRI webpage - Googling Mohammed and raisin heads to find links to Mahound's favorite racist epithet to refer to blacks. An article on Daniel Pipes's website, to be found among the results, also covers the topic of how slavery is an inherent part of islam. - Going to The Economist online and searching for "africaca." This will produce a link to an article that describes how blacks from Darfur suffer racist abuse by Arabs in Egypt but are treated like human beings in Israel. Don't miss these!
By the way, the links to Jihadwatch articles are to essays by Hugh Fitzgerald, which are always well worth reading!
Any non-mahoundian who committed one or, at most, two of the crimes committed by Scumbag Daq in a mahoundian country wouldn't have had the chance to commit their second or third crime... They would have been BEHEADED or would have had their hands and feet chopped off before they had had a chance to do so. In Britain, it seems that mahound-worshiping crooks now enjoy a license to kill/commit crimes like the one given to James Bond by Her Majesty; though, unlike James Bond, those criminals aren't fictional characters, and they use their "license" for ill.
This post pretty much summarizes everything which is wrong with what the mainstream media outlets choose to cover these days. Just as another example of such irresponsible media coverage, the CEO of Pajamas Media noted yesterday, correctly, that Mark Sanford's affair had wrecked our priorities by giving the MSM an excuse to get Iran out of the headlines. Though not following in the MSM's footsteps is something anyone would expect of AtlasShrugs anyway, thanks Pamela for continuing to be among those who devote time and effort to covering stories and events that do matter.
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'“In the class itself, teachers should be sensitive in their choice of words and carefully select the media, that they show with caution,” the DIK said.' What will the fate of the teaching of the Theory of Evolution be? I guess I know the answer to this one. The most maddening thing about this is that while leftards are certainly more than willing to have the teaching of the ToE replaced with creationism for the sake of appeasing mahoundians, they would keep on mocking similar demands by Christian parents in America. How about the Crusades? The politically-correct version of history, as well as the fallacy that mahoundianism "spread", rather than was imposed by the sword, will certainly continue being taught. If the German government had any balls, it would have stated that "it's mahoundians, not Germans, who have to adapt. If you're not happy, feel free to take your kids to schools in Cairo, Gaziantep or Rabat, where you won't have such problems."
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2009 on German Schools Go Full-Dhimmi..... at Weasel Zippers
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"Me and James were walking down the street, when a red jeep pulled up next to us and eight lads jumped out." Again, another example of mahoundian "bravery" standards. Eight male islamic scumbags against a woman and a man. Is that just an isolated incident, or is there a pattern to it? - Kriss Donald was murdered by five mahoundian scumbags. - Ilan Halimi, a French 23-year old Jew, was tortured to death by 26 mahound-worshiping, lowlife slaves of allah (a f***ing imaginary thing, which doesn't exist.) - Not too long ago, a gang of 18 "Asians" (porkis that is, descendants of Porkistani natives or born in Porkistan themselves) insulted William Townsley as he walked his 14-year-old, partially blind dog Snoopy, before two of them KICKED THE POOR DOG up in the air and threatened to do the same to Mr Townsley. - Grandparents Christopher and Beryl Bell of Undercliffe, Bradford, were beaten into a daze by four young porkis about a week ago. - You will never see a single mahoundian male face a male opponent in a one-on-one fight. These cowards are "brave" enough for one-on-one, hand-to-hand combat only against women, children and the elderly. How much more of this crap, how many more victims of mahoundian cowardice will it take until either Britan starts voting overwhelmingly for the BNP, the only political party which has vowed to do something about this never-ending mahoundian madness; or ordinary, law-abiding citizens start taking matters into their own hands, since the laws by which they abide are no longer enforced to protect them?
I'd add camels to Philip Saenz's list of what such monsters like to stick their genitals into. And let's not forget that Mein Qurampf 76:19 promises these nazi beasts, in addition to those 72 virgins, handsome boys of everlasting youth in their imaginary mahoundian heaven. Sex among males is extremely common among mahoundians, despite their supposedly outspoken hatred of homosexuals, but they just don't call it gay sex. They call it prison sex. One can take a mahoundian out of Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Porkistan, but it's impossible to take Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Porkistan out of a mahoundian in most cases (those very few who have the brains to leave islam are the rare exceptions.) That's why these lowlifes will never assimilate into Western societies, and this is an extremely compelling reason to stop NuLabour's wholesale import of such scum into the UK.
Twitter's owners and managers sure have a lot more guts and decency than Barack Arafat Saddam Hussein Osama. This ought to make that mahoundistan-enabler embarrassed, but he certainly won't feel that way. All he cares about is seeing his bloated-headed, cross-eyed friend Ahmadinahandjob pleasing his beloved mullahs.
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